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Annual Meeting Minutes – 11/6/2017

The Next Gen Club of Sun City
Annual Business Meeting
November 6, 2017

Officers present:  Cheryl Clopton, President; Paul Recore, Vice-President; Andrea Stefanov, Treasurer 

Meeting called to order at 7:24 p.m. by Cheryl Clopton 

The last annual meeting was November 2016.  Secretary not in attendance to review the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report:  Andrea Stefanov gave the October 2017 Treasurer’s Report.  Balance forward:  $2,496.08.  Ending Balance:  $2,180.22.  Income was $276.00, expenses were $591.86.  Breakdown for Halloween Party:  Income from tickets:  $280, Expenses:  $591.86.  The Club budgeted $500, and adding the $280 from tickets, total to spend was $780.  After expenses the club is $188.14 ahead.

The RCSC Board of Directors met and changed the policy for clubs so that clubs only need a President and Secretary/Treasurer.  We currently have President, Vice-President, Secretary/Membership, and Treasurer.  We will still need people for Activities, Events, and Membership.

The RCSC now requires specifying how we will deal with unruly club members.  Cheryl’s proposal is that we don’t address the RCSC’s new rules now.

Cheryl asked for nomination for President for 2018.  Andrea Stefanov asked for information about what duties the President does.

Cheryl Clopton said the president is the contact for the RCSC, room reservations, set up, and times.  President oversees the Executive Board of the club.

Cheryl C. also said there is a need for a new communications person.  This position is easy, basically just cutting and pasting.  The person will need to be computer literate.

Members can also say they are not coming on Sign Up Genius (for our club calendar activities and events) so the person in charge of activity or event knows it has been seen by each member.

Paul Recore went to the microphone and asked what is keeping people from stepping up.  Jeff Turner said he would step up and be President in the summer if someone would do it in the winter.  Pat Recore doesn’t understand the age limit.  Gail Belt, Paul and Pat Recore discussed how to have two Presidents part-time.  Terry Watts discussed the age limitation (can’t turn 70 in year of being in office).  Cheryl C. said because of the vast activities the club has is the reason to cap the age.

Andrea Stefanov asked if the club could change the residency requirement from 8 months to 6 months.  Eileen Fowles motioned to change the residency from 8 months to 6 months.  Terry Martin seconded.  All are in favor.

Dave Sinclair motioned to have Terry Watts be President.  Jan Hunt seconded the motion.  All are in favor.

Jeff Turner thought there is something in the by-laws of Next Gen that a Chairperson of an activity/event cannot hold office.  Eileen Fowles assured him that is not the case.

Georgia Press motioned that Jeff Turner be the 1st Vice President.  Diane Kyte seconded the motion.  All are in favor.

Paul Recore has agreed to be 2nd Vice President.  He will coordinate the sign up for greeting, set-up, clean-up, and selling 50/50 tickets at the meetings.

Since the RCSC combined the Secretary and Treasurer, Andrea Stefanov agreed to remain as Treasurer and take on duties of Secretary also.

Mike Press agree to computer work.

Activities:  Terry Watts explained that she uses a template for activities that was designed by Gail Belt.  Terry did it from Minnesota.  All you need is a computer.  The Activities Chairperson is the hub that gets information together for the communications person.

Tom Fowles took it upon himself to plan monthly hikes for Next Gen.  Duke and Sue Loney are planning Christmas caroling.  Jeff Turner told members they could plan something they like to do.

Eileen Fowles thanked Cheryl Clopton for stepping up to be President for 2017 and doing a great job.  Everyone agreed and showed their appreciation for Cheryl

Diane Kyte said she would do membership.

Cheryl C. said we don’t have to vote on Activities, Events, and Communications Chairpersons.

Cheryl C. will do name tags.   Duke and Sue Loney said they would oversee Super Bowl party.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:06 p.m.


Summary:  Members Voted on and approved:

1)    Residency requirement reduced from 8 to 6 months

2)    Terry Watts will be 2018 President

3)    Jeff Turner will be 2018 1st Vice President

4)    Paul Recore will be 2018 2nd Vice President

5)    Andrea Stefanov will be 2018 Secretary/Treasurer

6)    Diane Kyte will be 2018 Membership Chair

7)    Mike Press will do computer work