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Board Meeting Minutes – 4/19/2017

Board Meeting Minutes
April 19, 2017 

Cheryl Clopton called the meeting to order at 6:45 p.m. Connie Sherman was introduced as a guest from the RCSC Clubs Office. She is the assigned liaison to NextGen Club. Connie gave information from the RCSC Board Policy concerning required club officers. 

Cheryl asked if there were nominations or someone willing to serve as the Vice President. After discussion about NextGen current rules and steps to amend the rules, Paul Recore agreed to serve as Vice President. He was accepted by acclamation of the members. 

Current NextGen rules have age cap for active members. This does not meet with RCSC Board Policy. All NextGen members with valid RCSC card may vote. Rita Sanders made the motion that the age for officers (president, vice president, secretary/treasurer) be changed to 69, but cannot turn 70 years of age while holding office. Gwen Gienger seconded the motion. Following discussion and reasons for having an age cap, specifically to encourage younger people to be new leaders and keep the club fresh and active, the members voted for the change. 

Gail Belt made a motion to change the residency requirements for officers from 10 to 6 months. Tom Fowles seconded. There was much discussion about the residency time and Eileen Fowles recommended an eight (8) month compromise, seconded by Clint Gienger and approved by the members. 

These changes will now be applied to the NextGen club rules and submitted to the membership for a vote. 

There was discussion about club finances and there will be no change in dues.

The NextGen Club will contact the RSCS club office to move our meetings to Monday evening at the Fairway center beginning in the fall. 

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30. 

Minutes recorded by Jen Blum in absence of the secretary